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Testimonials Aabout The Handwriting Analyzer Software

Client Testimonials List :

"My own report was also extremely accurate. To be perfectly honest, my expectations were not too high simply because a computerized report lacks the human touch that is often necessary to get a complete reading. I expected some accuracy, but not as much as what I read. When I read my report I was amazed at the statements. They were not simply ambiguous phrases that could be applied to almost everyone. I reread the report imagining that it was written about other people I know. Could it apply to them as well? Perhaps a few sentences only, and that's it."
Review Corner (An independent Review Site)

"Rated highly by other top graphologist as very user friendly and accurate. This analyzer is such a great contribution to the promotion of graphology that it should be placed in the history book about graphology. I don't think you'll be disappointed with this."
Toong-Jye Low (Graphology Club).

"I saw ( and fully tried) the PC grafologia software from Brescia. Well I don't want to flatter Sheila (she doesn't need it in the least) or to belittle a good Italian effort but the difference is like the gap existing between a Formula one and a city car: you know what I mean? I confess, Sheila's program bewitched me. A very friendly ciao from Milan" Fausto Brugnatelli

"The accuracy of this software is amazing" Ron Chitayat. M.D. Columbia West Hills Hospital, West Hills, California.

"We sure got our money's worth from this software. This is the best tool for hiring new employees" P. Serror. Guess Sports Company.

"I'm back from Nashville Fiddler Camp and I want to comment on the Lowe Handwriting Analyzer.
I tried it out at the last Ted Widmer " Handwriting of the Month " get together after first analyzing the sample myself. Most of the graphologists present picked up on the problems in the sample but not the positive emotional nuances of the subject. The analyzer was astonishingly accurate and complete in its description of the subject's personality, according to the woman who knows her well." Wendy Davis

"RI Software are a sharp bunch of cookies. Your program is the most intuitive and user friendly one I have seen to date. Congratulations again on an excellent product. It is a very important arrow in my quiver of weapons to assist my customers. RI Software came up with the exact solution to my problem. Congratulations on a job well done. Your program is one of the easiest and most thorough personality computer programs I have seen in years. One can never cover it all in this type of program. Human beings are too complex. However, you have developed an excellent program. Congratulations again," Joe Jalbert

"The software is easy to use (and very easy to download). We are using it for our sales team, and find the results accurate and useful. (Tech. support from Sheila and RI Software was very responsive)." Pam Geiger CommunicationsWeek.

"I really like your system. It is simply amazing what you have accomplished!" Dr. E. Karohs

"Sheila's software surprised this non-believer with its sophistication and accuracy. It is truly a useful tool."
Roger Rubin.

"I love the program! Congrats and kudos to you." Sharon Johnson

I've just download the demo of your hwa program and found it very user friendly. I was up and running in no time and quickly moving through the self explanatory screens. I was pleased to see weighted answers and live samples. It gave me a wide range of choices and ability to rate the degree to which the trait was present in the sample. Just about the time I wanted more choices -- there they were. The report it prepared seemed specific and detailed. The bar graph was a terrific visual aid to comparing the strengths and weakness of the writer. The program was well presented and had nice eye appeal. It's my guess that untrained users would have no problem creating a useful assessment of a writer's personality with your program. Best of luck with it." Pat Peterson

Comments from some satisfied clients:
London Antique
Nichols & Associates
CER Builders, Inc
Russell Stephens, Inc

Here is a partial list of organizations who use (or have used)graphology in the USA:

Alphagraphics - Printshops Of The Future
American Standards Testing Bureau
Arizona State University
Attorney F. Lee Bailey
Attorney Melvyn Belli
Bank of America
Banker's Life
BellAtlantic (Self-Improvement Seminars Only)
Boeing Co.
Bristol Myers
Burger King
City Of Los Angeles
Coca Cola
Coldwell Banker
Conn. Mutual Life
Dallas Morning News
Department of Defense
Dow Chemical
Dun & Bradstreet
Emhart Corporation
Equitable of Ohio
Federal Express
Ford Motor Company
General Battery
General Electric
H&R Block
H.J. Heinz
Harvard Univ.(Leadership Sem.)
Highway Patrol
Humana Care Plus
I. Magnin
J.C. Penney, Co.
Kansas State Prison
Land O'Frost
Lloyds Of London
Merrill Lynch
Montgomery Ward
Mutual of Omaha
New York Life Insurance
NJ State Police
NW Mutual Life
Occidental Life Insurance
Olsten Employment Services
Olympus Camera
Pacific Bell
Paine, Weber, Jackson & Curtis
Pan Am
Peugot Motors
Principal Financial Group
Prudential Insurance
Resorts International
San Jose Police Department
St. Louis Police
Standard of Ohio
State Bar of Texas
The Aetna Life Insurance & Annuity Co.
Thrifty Pay Less
Thrifty Rent-A-Car
United States Court Systems
United Technologies
USX(US Steel)
Wells Fargo Bank
Xerox(LA computer Division)


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